Links of interest

Midrash Harabah YouTube Channel – my videos about the weekly Torah portions

General interest

Learn To Read Torah/Haftarah – Using the method developed by Susie Dvoskin (1946-2017) Recorded readings of each Maftir and Haftarah (Ashkenazik tradition) and the blessings

Sefaria – a free living library of Jewish texts and their interconnections, in Hebrew and in translation

Kaplan Center – The Mordecai M. Kaplan Center for Jewish Peoplehood disseminates and promotes the thought and writings of Rabbi Kaplan and to advance the trans-denominational agenda of the Kaplanian approach to Judaism in the 21st century

Important ideas to consider

Highly recommended lecture by Professor Shaye J.D. Cohen: The Hebrew Bible 2013, Lecture 14: The Image of God and the Name of God in these Texts.

When Judaism Meets Science by Roger Price – an exploration of the interrelationship of Judaism and the physical, biological, and social sciences.

A Year with Morde­cai Kaplan: Wis­dom on the Week­ly Torah Portion by Rab­bi Steven Carr Reuben


An excerpt from The Beginning of Wisdom – Reading Genesis by Leon R. Kass

The Book of Human Destiny – In the Beginning by Rabbi Solomon Goldman

A Poem about beginnings


The Book of Human Destiny – From Slavery to Freedom by Rabbi Solomon Goldman


Leviticus – 1-16: a new translation with introduction and commentary by Jacob Milgram

The Hebrew Bible – Prof. Shaya J. D. Cohen – Lecture 12 – P and the Priestly Religion
Prof. Avigdor Shinan on sacrifices with Israel Museum curator Yvonne Fleitman